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Smile Because You Are Making A Real Difference In Your Community

How are you making a difference?

Every time you come in for your cleaning, One Dental has partnered with to plant a tree on your behalf. If you’re keeping up with your cleaning… that’s two trees a year!

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In the Pacific Northwest, we enjoy one of the most beautiful landscapes in our nation...

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However, across the country, our climate is changing along with our landscapes.

From our inception, One Dental has envisioned a way to partner with our patients to give back to our community.

We cannot think of a better way to accomplish this with you, our patient. Planting trees is a multi-faceted contribution to the environment. By taking care of your smile, you are taking care of your environment. Period. It couldn’t be easier for you to give back.

One Dental has a goal to become

One Dental doesn’t just want a small carbon footprint, we want to make the greatest impact possible by removing our carbon footprint altogether.

Our partnership with means that One Dental will plant thousands of trees each year between our Tacoma and Silverdale locations.

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Thank you for working with us to make a difference!

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Good For You. Good For The Planet.

Making your smile count: One Dental and will plant a tree on your behalf every time you come in for your cleaning.

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